Heiler Software publishes benchmark study on catalog procurement

Stuttgart/ Detroit/ Sydney, February 6, 2013 – Heiler Software has published the results of an international benchmark study on catalog procurement. This e-procurement study identified six key figures that enable companies to measure the success of their catalog solutions in procurement.

The six benchmarks include the catalog coverage rate, maverick buying, reduction of the supplier base, error rate, free text orders, and acquisition costs. The management summary of the benchmark study is available at
"The aim of this study is to show various key figures that directly affect the success of catalog solutions," says Matthias Zwick, Head of Product Management, E-Procurement & Search at Heiler Software.

The study shows that the percentage of free text orders can be reduced from 29.3% to 12.6% on average by implementing a catalog solution. "The greater the degree of standardization, the faster you'll get your ROI," says Matthias Zwick.

The coverage rate is described as the percentage of indirect merchandise and services procured using a catalog solution. The higher the cataloging rate, the more time saved in the ordering process. Users of Heiler's solution are 7% better off than the average of the companies polled.

The results are based on the responses of 222 companies polled. Around a quarter of the responses come from Heiler Software AG customers. On average, the participating companies have an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros and have 4,350 customers. 25% come from public administration and 75% from the private sector.
The study design is based on the expertise and experience of Heiler Software AG and its partners, SupplyOn, Apsolut and BTC. The study was carried out under the scientific direction of Furtwangen University.